The power of the flow
of healing energy
and essence.

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Hands on Healing

Healing is a type of communication or restoration of communication. It is a process that has to do with opening, connecting and balancing.

We connect to each other, to a higher energy source, a greater pool of wisdom and allow that flow to inform the communication. We are combining energies to move into a better/ healthier place.

A climate of heartfelt, compassionate interaction with respect for what is, and a strong intention for what wants to be created.

All that the body and spirit reveal is welcome and has its place.

After the session you will feel more connected to yourself, balanced and clearer, relaxed and knowing where you need to put your attention to get better in body and spirit. I will help you to use your mind to direct that flow.

It is a process that unfolds, that I am happy and feel honored to guide.

Hands on Healing
Gisela Gong

Kundalini Yoga
(Yogi Bhajan teachings)

Kundalini Yoga is a technology of awakening.

It offers clear tools to improve energy, health and our ability to create a happy life. Kundalini yoga is a very uplifting and empowering path. You will learn how to direct your energy, your thoughts and intentions, and awaken your intuition to improve your life. It empties the old bag of drama, addictions and false beliefs, and fills it with some seriously good energy, and off you go.

Every class addresses a different subject; the exercise sets (kriyas) and meditations change according to the need of the group for each class. There are over a thousand of different sets and meditations. They range from making us disease resistant to connecting us to the infinite. The meditations help free practitioners of unconscious clutter and stuck patterns to make life more fulfilling.
We come together to enjoy community, grow spiritually and just have fun!

In my own life this practice helped manifest wishes and longings that I held for a long time. It makes the impossible possible!

Playing the gong is a powerful part of Kundalini Yoga.
It is played at the end of the class or sometimes during and is a very powerful tool of transformation. The gong sound contains all mantras and it often has the power to still your mind.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Class Schedule


Thursday eve at 6.30 pm
Teacher : Nora Snow
My Studio

Tuesday morning at 9.30 am
My Studio

Full moon class, at 5.30 pm every month - Donations only. no full moon class in April 2013

Cost: $15.00 per class and 10 classes for $120.00

Special Notifications

Sat Nam, No classes from the 12th to the 22nd of April 2013 thank you and be well !




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Full Moon Class

Once a month we get together to take advantage of the full moon's energy. The full moon is a powerful time of elevated energy.

The celebration starts at 5.30 pm and we will first practice a kriya together to warm up to clear and align our energy, which is followed by a special full moon meditation.

We complete the evening with a dinner at my house.
I will cook for us a simple, healthy meal: mung beans and rice with vegetables and yogi tea!

All are welcome, donations only.

Full Moon Event

Heart Pulse Partnership

I am part of a group and holding it at the moment, that is committed to help raise the frequency of the earth by living in the heart, deeply every moment and join hearts in a channeling for 11 min every day, ( at 6am NY time), a meditation/ channeling. We are all over the planet joining hearts at the same time, everyday. It is a very beautiful service and has a powerful effect on the planet; it increases the possibility for more heartfelt choices, and has a powerful effect on one's life. It aligns all aspects of our live with the heart and spirit. We have the possibility to awaken fully. This process is not always comfortable, often we grow through pain and discomfort but it is the most rewarding journey and we take responsibility for our creations!

Our group is not like an open mediation group, where everybody can join or wants to! People that are joining are already in their hearts and are offering their energy for the greater good. The idea is to create a web of energy all over the planet, of hearts that are coherent and joined.

Let me know if you feel this kind of calling and want to participate, if yes, i will send you more information and then at some point teach you the channeling.

please contact me at
love and blessings!


Gisela Stromeyer (Kalyan Kaur) is an architect and dancer by training. She has completed Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 1997, (4 year program) and has taught at the school for 2 years.

Gisela completed the School of Enlightenment and Healing in NYC in 1998, (4 year program) and the School of Intentional Living in NY, (3 year program). She has studied Continuum Movement with Emily Conrad since 1995 and has explored the power of sound with Don Campbell.

She completed her certification as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and has offered classes since January 2011.

For the last 20 years she explored different modalities of healing like shiatsu, channeling, trance states, shamanism in the form of vision quests and the Bon Religion of Tibet. She is making her own herbal remedies and likes to communicate with animals and plants. Yes, humans too.

She is a beekeeper and a well-known artist.

Gisela Stromeyer

Special Events

Healing workshop in my Studio in
Rifton at 6.15 pm
Everybody is a healer!

Please join me for yoga and meditation to open our energy field and heart, then we will heal each other and ourselves with hand on healing, it is the most natural thing we just have to dare do it.

I am happy to guide you through this process, lets explore, experience and play with energy. Everybody is welcome no prier experience necessary.
I am grateful for your presence
by donation : suggestion $25.00
Photo by : Gisela Stromeyer

Tel: 845 658 8413
location: 269 Hardenburgh Rd Ulster Park NY12487

event flyer

New Moon Gong celebration
13th December in my Studio in Rifton at 6.30 pm

Sat Nam all of you, please join me for this beautiful and powerful new Moon.

……….Just Meditation and long long gong sounds to let go…………
I am grateful for your presence.
everybody is welcome by donation only , 1.5 hr long class
Photo by : Gisela Stromeyer

Tel: 845 658 8413
location: 269 Hardenburgh Rd Ulster Park NY12487

event flyer